Family Lent Activities

Scripture Select a scripture verse that everyone in your family can work on together.  Simplify the language for younger children, or add extra verses for older children and adults.  Write the verse down in a place everyone congregates daily.  Work on the verse together throughout the Lenten Season. Paper Chain Make a chain of 46 […]

A Child’s Faith

I have wrestled in different seasons of ministry with this idea of when does a child’s faith become their own.  Those of us who work with kids in the church might not question the importance of our work because we are in it day in and day out, and we know personal stories of children […]

Just in: My GROW adventure with God!

A couple weeks ago, we introduced some exciting new materials called, “My GROW Adventure with God”!  This resource was created by our denomination, the Evangelical Covenant Church, for teachers, parents, mentors and kids. As parents, we want our children to not just know who God is as they grow up, but we want them to […]

Your David & Goliath

by Minhee Cho I am a Sunday school teacher for toddlers. Our lesson this Sunday was from 1 Samuel 17, which is one of the famous stories: David and Goliath. I found out more about Goliath and David when I read whole chapter. Goliath: He is 9 feet tall (our Sunday school toddler’s room is […]

There is No Perfect Parent [insert shock and awe here]

No.  Not shock and awe.  How about a big sigh of relief from all the parents?  A “woo-hoo” and a “HALLELUJAH”! It begins the moment your child arrives.  The deep and supernatural need to provide for, protect, love and sacrifice everything for your beloved child. Whether this child is born from you, adopted by you, […]

Why do parents pray for children?

Contributed by: Minhee Cho It has been almost 12 years since I had my first baby. During pregnancy with her, I prayed for my baby since I did not know what she would be like. I prayed for her health, personality, and her gender (with my preference). I also prayed for a fast and painless […]

Bookshelves or Flowers?

Contributor: Brian Bantum As a father of 3 boys I have found myself being perpetually surprised at the people my sons were becoming. In their getting older, I have come to a conclusion about parenthood that is both daunting and freeing, my children are not bookshelves. Let me explain. In the early days of my […]