The Space In Between

It’s the spot where life happens and you don’t record it. You don’t write it down, or take photos of it. You don’t journal about it, or draw pictures of it.  That’s what life is like these days for me.  I’m in the moment just trying to soak it all in.  Sometimes I look into […]

How to Pray When You Have No Words

It’s happened to all of us.  We come across a situation which we know needs prayer, but we draw a blank.  How do I pray for this one?   We know that God hears the prayers of our hearts, even the ones we cannot utter, but there is something about the act of prayer that is […]

In the Vine

A while back, I did an exercise with some kids at church to practice listening for God’s voice. I wrote about it here.  You see, I am an average person.  I struggle with the distractions in my daily life that make me think I’m not good enough, strong enough or smart enough to live an […]

A Child’s Faith

I have wrestled in different seasons of ministry with this idea of when does a child’s faith become their own.  Those of us who work with kids in the church might not question the importance of our work because we are in it day in and day out, and we know personal stories of children […]

Take Heart

Part of a letter I wrote to the team I am privileged to serve along side at Quest and the parents I partner with. There is nothing new or earth shattering about these thoughts. But I felt convicted to proclaim them out loud again, We live in an era where it is necessary to fight […]

How the Holy Spirit is Like Mud

Today’s reflection is simple.  The work room was quiet today.  The focus was on getting the new walls up.  Time is spent making sure the 2×4’s and drywall were properly in place, and seams were covered, with some stuff called mud.  While I am very excited about the idea of this particular new wall (creating […]

Theology of Children’s Worship Space Remodel

It is rather humorous that in the 3 and 3/4 years I have been back to work at Quest there have been now, 3 separate remodels on the little worship space we call Global Village.  I am honored to be a part of a ministry team  and pastoral staff who not only value the children […]

Keeping Kids Safe Training

Child abuse prevention is important topic for us to engage in- for church staff, volunteers and parents.  It is a reality in our society which the church cannot hide from. In fact, the church is often a place perpetrators will seek out vulnerable children.  Keeping Kids Safe Training is a combination of  presentation and dialogue […]