Quest Kids Vision and Purpose Statement

The 30,000 foot view of ministry to kids in a multi-ethnic church in Seattle, WA. Our Kids and Family Ministry has evolved over the past 13 years.  Each year we reflect [briefly] on our vision and mission.  Because it is based off the larger church vision and mission, it doesn’t change too much! We seek […]

Getting Leaders Ready to Serve in KidMin

One of the [many] keys to successfully keeping volunteer leaders involved in ministry with children and families is appropriate training.  First, we INSPIRE them to serve.  Then we EQUIP them to lead.  Lastly, we DEVELOP leaders (I am still learning how to do the last one well!) Here is how we set our volunteer leaders […]

Creating Family Ministry Safety Policies

  We have created several policies for children and family ministry over the years.  Here is a checklist of important policies every church should have, be working on, or at least planning for.  We recommend consulting your churches lawyer, insurance agent or other safety professional already connected to your church community. Volunteer Leader Handbook for […]

Kids Ministry Leader Role Descriptions

It takes FOREVER to write succinct job descriptions for ministry positions in the church. Something that will quickly tell a person what the job is, what they will need to know or prepare and how much time in their week will it require. Here is what we’ve come up with for ministry. It is continually […]

Why Reconciliation and Family Ministry?

Two things in ministry have deeply impacted my life and calling as a pastor to kids and families.  I feel a deep sense of personal conviction to Reconciliation and Family Ministry. My journey of reconciliation began in my first year in college.  I was 17, excited to leave home and discover what God had planned […]

5 Websites For Great Kids Ministry Resources

Here are my go to websites for resources these days, in no particular order. Key Ministry– an amazing resource for churches and families who want to be well equipped to serve every child- seriously, go check it out today. Kidzana Ministries– helping churches pay attention to the global need for outreach to children. Childrens Ministry […]