I was born and raised in Portland, OR and grew up in a home that played and prayed together. I am the second oldest of 5 kids; a second oldest that acts like a first. I am a grandchild of immigrant fisherman and farmers; married to a wonderful guy named Corey who invited me into his beautiful Lebanese Dutch family; mom to 3 beautiful brown-eyed children; and have worked with the Children & Family Ministry at Quest Church for 15 years in Seattle, WA. I love people, cities, books, music, and vacation. I am a wanna-be reader, writer and singer…which means I mostly just journal thoughts, read a handful of books a year, and sing with my kids. I am continually learning what it looks like to have the heart of God for my family, neighbors and world. I am on a journey of reconciliation- to seek justice for the poor, love mercy and walk humbly; following in the footsteps of Jesus.  I desire to be salt and light in my community. I desire to raise up kids with faith that sticks for life.

In 2014 I started grad school to pursue a Masters in Christian Studies.  The journey to this stage of life has been slow and surprising.  I never imagined I would be in the place I am today- in this moment.  With a young family at home and a call to pastoral ministry in the local church, why add school to all that goodness? An undeniable ‘Jesus calling’ has led me to take baby steps of faith and live courageously in this new season of life.  This place is authentic space to process out loud, and I hope that my journey is a source of encouragement to those around me.  I felt God’s call to ministry from an early age, so I have been serving the church for 2 decades.  I am committed to the local church, and also feel compelled to share what I am learning with families, multi-ethnic churches and family ministries beyond the local church.

I do a lot of writing, creating, dialogue, and idea sharing.  I have re-invented the wheel on countless ministry experiences.  I often learn the hard way, and am still learning to ask for help.  I long for less “out of the box” experiences (I mean that literally because everything in kids ministry comes nicely packed in a box) and more “authentic wisdom” from seasoned leaders. What I learn, I want to share with others.  I am not at expert at much of anything, but I have experienced a lot of different things.  Part of my calling in ministry is to pass along what I’ve learned, to keep learning and be faithful and present in my own faith journey. I can only share from personal experiences, so I offer up thoughts and reflections- in hopes that God’s Spirit might use them to teach, guide, encourage and equip others.

Hopefully this is a place of encouragement and inspiration.  That whether you resonate with my journey as a parent, pastor, leader or constant learner in faith- you know we are not on this journey alone.