Explaining Compassion and Justice to Kids

Social justice is a “trendy phrase” in the church.  But equipping the church to be mindful of the ways God calls us to faithfully live out biblical justice is so much more than an idea or catchy phrase to say.  Here are just a few of the ways we explain what it means to be on ‘mission with God’missional, and how we explain compassion and justice.

How we engage “Mission” with kids

At Quest Kids we are all about loving God, loving other people, and loving God’s world. Each of us can be a missionary in our own community. We have been given the special mission of sharing God’s love and shining God’s light in our schools and neighborhoods.  As disciples of Jesus, Jesus followers, we are invited to live as Jesus lived, love as Jesus loved, and share the good news of Jesus love with the people around us.  Really it is about participating in the work that God is already doing in the world- in our neighborhoods, schools, families, communities and everywhere.

Idea #1: Kids following God’s mission

We have friends around the world who are also following God’s mission. They are loving Jesus and sharing God’s love in their own communities!  We can ask God how he wants us to love people in our communities well.

Idea #2: What is God’s mission?

“To participate in mission is to participate in the movement of God’s love toward people, since God is a fountain of sending love.” – David J. Bosch in Transforming Mission

Idea #3: What does it mean to have compassion?

Having compassion is caring about people who are hurting.  We are aware of other people’s stories and pain or needs.  We are empathetic toward theirs stories, needs, or pains.

Think of this as a day-to-day question: What helps right now?

 Idea #4: What would justice look like for this group of people I am supporting?

Justice is asking what systems are creating the thing that is hurting people.

Think of this as a long-term question: What would help ten years down the road not have this problem anymore?

Idea #5: Other ways Quest Kids are “Kids Following God’s Mission”

  • We give to others. Our weekly offering goes to Covenant World Relief children’s projects.
  • We make friends with other kids following God’s mission around the world (Global Mission Partners)
  • We serve others.
  • We help our homeless friends in the community by making and giving out blessing bags.

What ways does your family follow the mission of God?

Scripture that remind us to in God’s mission, and not be on mission by ourselves!