5 Websites For Great Kids Ministry Resources

Here are my go to websites for resources these days, in no particular order.

  1. Key Ministry– an amazing resource for churches and families who want to be well equipped to serve every child- seriously, go check it out today.
  2. Kidzana Ministries– helping churches pay attention to the global need for outreach to children.
  3. Childrens Ministry Magazine (online)- they’ve been around forever…
  4. Ministry to Children, Tony Kummer- my favorites are the coloring sheets, lesson ideas and vbs reviews
  5. Pinterest– for craft ideas and anything (WARNING: It can be overwhelming to navigate, ask a friend for help if you find yourself freaking out)

Bonus: Check our your denomination’s website for resources.  The Evangelical Covenant Church has tons of great stuff.

Things to watch out for:

  1. Is the website just trying to make you buy more stuff?
  2. What’s the message behind the resources?  Is it about loving, serving and equipping kids, parents and volunteers to live as faithful followers of Jesus? Or is it about “building a program”, enticing people to come to “your church”, growing “your ministry”, or “convincing people they need Jesus”?  These things are not primary.  I am convinced that better programs, church attendance growth, and increased numbers of people in your community coming to faith in Christ should be an natural outflow from faithful, genuine and authentic ministry for your context; that meets your community’s needs and invites them into a life of discipleship to Jesus. Period.  People will want to be a part of that if the Holy Spirit is working.
  3. Do these resources take into consideration our need to be a church community that reflects the diversity of God’s Kingdom- ethnically, culturally, socioeconomically, and in gender, ability and age?