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This girl.  If you know her, you know her favorite place to be is snuggled up to mom or dad (shoulder or  leg is fine, she is not picky) thumb in mouth, ‘mankin’ (her little blanket) in hand.  She’s been this way all of her two and three quarters years.  So imagine my delight when she agreed to ride a horse this summer!  I was cautiously optimistic and did not coerce her into it, I promise.  We sat at the coral for a good hour watching other kids go, and finally as the horse leaders were making their last calls Selah mustered up the courage to do it. She didn’t want to climb on but let me lift her on, then we walked the 3 minute SLOOOOOOWWWW lap around the coral.  This pictures captures a few things:

  1. She’s looking at a camera and smiling- this is a rare gift, people!
  2. She’s on a horse with a helmet on her head (she doesn’t even like her own bike helmet!
  3.  She’s happy.  And that makes me happy (which I think was captured beautifully by my dear friend Joanie Komura)

We often describe Selah as cautious, shy and introverted. Without placing her in a box, we want to acknowledge that she has taken life a slower pace than her brothers, and we are learning to respect her needs, discerning when to challenge her, and embracing her for who she is at all times (even when it’s inconvenient for mom and dad).  She is leery of people until she knows they are on “her side”.  Then she loves them deeply.

The horse ride was a celebration of Selah stepping UP out of her comfort zone and trying something new and scary. She did it with a smile on her face and in fact wanted to try again (too late sister, the horses needed a nap!).

This day happened to be a big day for both of us.  I spoke for the first time at our church retreat and baptized two young girls who had recently chosen to commit their lives to Jesus in the lake at Cascades Camp.  Both Selah and I tried something new.  We stepped up and out, timid but brave, fearful yet courageous.  We both experienced the joy of being stretched and challenged and filled with joy at the awesomeness of doing a new thing.  This girl, Selah melts my heart every day.

Lake Baptism
Cascades Camp, Lake Baptism, August 25, 2013

2 thoughts on “This Girl”

  1. Your post this morning as I read it touch my heart. In my life I have seen myself as a Peter.

    I love that in this story Jesus addresses Peter’s first thoughts: fear. Jesus acknowledges Peter’s fear of inadequacy. I am often like Peter.

    I so often feel inadequacy as I seek to serve the Lord.

    I often think of a quote I took as my own as a teenager.

    “She is no fool who gives what she cannot keep, to gain that which she cannot LOSE.”

    This quote is from a book I read at fifteen called “Through Gates of Splendor”. It is the story of five young men who gave their lives in seeking to follow Jesus.

    I often wonder if I would go that far in order to further the Lord’s Kingdom?

    What is the only thing you can take to Heaven with you?

    The answer is, other people!

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