Just in: My GROW adventure with God!

A couple weeks ago, we introduced some exciting new materials called, “My GROW Adventure with God”!  This resource was created by our denomination, the Evangelical Covenant Church, for teachers, parents, mentors and kids.

As parents, we want our children to not just know who God is as they grow up, but we want them to really seek a relationship with Jesus.  But often, our fear of ‘shoving religion down our kids throats’ leaves us hesitant to courageously proclaim the gospel to our kids.  So what can we do?  We don’t want to force our beliefs on our kids, but we want them to freely and personally choose to live their lives for Christ.

The best advice I [Katey] received as a parent has come from other parents around me who model Christ love for their kids, in ways that teach the child the ways of God, and invite them to join the journey of obedient living for Him. Because our faith is just that.  It’s a journey.  Sure there is a ‘correct’ path, which we all can stray from, but there is much that is unknown about this faith journey.  Only God knows what is in store for each of us.  We know our kids will stray, just as we will, but  God is always present and waiting for us to return to Him. So when we mess up we learn from it, and guess what?  We grow as we go!  As parents, we fill our imaginary backpacks with ‘tools’ that can help us and our children along the journey.  We live our lives as God-honoring as possible, and we invite our kids to walk alongside us.  And hopefully, to grow with us.

This is one of those tools that should be in every parent backpack.  It provides a framework for meaningful conversations between adult and child; it provides examples of ways we can grow in our faith; it helps us to reflect on our relationship with God, to share our stories, and can provide regular reminders of our adventure with God.

God’s Word- shaping our action and our lives
Relationships- nurturing our growth
Obedient Living- using our gifts in witness and service
Worship-  interacting with and experiencing God 

If you missed the Sunday class on the GROW series, contact Katey to pick up your family’s materials.  This and other great spiritual parenting tools are available to you.


What’s a tool in your parenting backpack?  How do you encourage your child in their faith journey?